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Network drive Mapping on SharePoint Online


Youtube instructions 


Consider that since the launch of Office 365, this way has become obsolete, because OneDrive syncs files from SharePoint to Windows perfectly!


Copy the URL of document library to the clipboard.

Right click on “Network” located on Windows Explorer and choose “Map network drive…”.

In the opened up window click the “Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures” link

Click “Next” until the following window is shown:

Paste the copied URL into “Internet or network address” textbox

The key point is here: Delete the “http” word and replace “/” with “\” just like the above image and click Next

Give a network location a name by filling “type a name for this network location” textbox. By default it is the name of document library (here: TechnicalDocs) and Click Next.

Click Finish



  1. Start Web Client Service in the Window’s Services
  2. Enter login information if credential window is displayed!
  3. In Internet explorer:
  •  Add Your site to the trusted sites
  • Choose Automatic logon with current username and password
To get the correct link for mapping SharePoint as a network drive you will need to:

1. Open Internet Explorer and log in with your Office365 credentials (please note this only works  with Internet Explorer and no other browser – This is a Microsoft limitation that cannot be changed)

2. From the Home page, navigate to Sites > Team Site > <Shared Documets> – this may vary depending on how your company has decided to name the Shared location of files.

3. Once you are in Shared Documents, from the tool bar ribbon select Library and then select Open with Explorer (this will open the Library as a standard Windows Explorer folder)

4. Once the shared documents Library is opened in Windows Explorer, select and right-click on any of the files/folders within that location and select Properties.

5. Make a note of the Location in the General tab and use it to map SharePoint as a network drive.

When mapping Sharepoint as network drive you will need to:

1. Add the following to Trusted sites in Internet Explorer:

2. Before you map a drive, login to Office 365 via Internet Explorer and tick “Remember my credentials”;

3. Open the full clients address in internet explorer and make sure it opens the files without any logon prompt so

4. Go to Services and make sure WebClient service is set to Automatic;

5. When mapping a drive, make sure “Reconnect sign-in” and “Connect using different credentials” boxes are checked (make sure to use Office 365 email and password in the credentials prompt);
(you’ll be prompted twice for the username and password, make sure you fill it in twice and twice select remember credentials)

6. Go to Internet Explorer settings – Tools, Options, Connections, LAN Settings, uncheck “Automatically detect Settings” – this will significantly improve the connection to SharePoint.

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