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How to Install Falcon on Kodi

To install Falcon, first jump over to and download the AJ repository installation file Next, open the AJ repository file from inside of Kodi using the Install from zip file option. After Kodi installs the AJ repository for you, open it up via the Install from repository menu. You’ll find the Falcon add-on listed under Video add-ons.

Here’s a detailed, step-by-step view of everything you need to do to install Falcon for Kodi.

Step 1: Download the AJ repository

The AJ repository can be found at The file you need to download is

aj repoThe AJ repository installation file. Source: AddonHQ

Step 2: Install the AJ repository

Once you’ve downloaded the AJ repository installation zip, click Add-ons from Kodi’s main menu and then click the box icon.

The box icon. Source: AddonHQ

Next, click Install from zip file and then navigate to wherever you downloaded the Smash zip file and select Open.

Step 3: Install Falcon

Click the box icon, but this time choose Install from repository.  Then, scroll down and navigate to Ajs Repository → Video add-ons → Falcon  → Install.

Falcon walk-through

Falcon can look for movies, TV shows, streaming TV feeds, sports feeds and more. Here’s a quick overview of how to use its major features.

How to look for movies

As mentioned above, Falcon’s search feature is broken. However, you can still browse for movies and play movie streams by clicking the Project: Movies folder.

Browsing movie lists on FalconBrowsing movie lists on Falcon. Source: AddonHQ

Like most video add-ons, Falcon links into a movie database called IMDb. If you click Top Rated, Top 1000 or any other IMDb menu, you’ll find a list of popular movies. If any of them catch your interest, click the one you want and Falcon will collect a batch of video links for you.

In addition to IMDb, Falcon also integrates with Bigstar. Bigstar is like IMDb, only it’s better for browsing because it has lots of cool movie genre lists. Click Bigstar Movies to browse mockumentary comedies, war films, film noir and more.

How to look for TV shows

For some reason, Falcon’s developer did not link to any IMDb TV shows lists. As a result, there’s no easy way to find the newest or most popular TV show episodes. Instead, you have to use Falcon’s genre menus to locate what you’re looking for.

falcon tv kodiBrowsing TV genres. Source: AddonHQ

Where to find soaps, workout videos & audio books

In addition to “chick flicks” and TV shows, Her Place also has audio books, workout videos and a list of relaxing ambient sounds called “Take 5.”

  • Note: The audio books section didn’t work at all when we tried it out, but maybe future patches will fix the issue.

her place falconNavigating “Her Place” on Falcon. Source: AddonHQ

How to look for live sports games

If you click Falcon’s Falcon Sports menu, Kodi will prompt you to install the Falcon Sports add-on. We checked out a few of its links and we didn’t run into any broken ones.

Falcon SportsSports content on Falcon. Source: AddonHQ

How to find IPTV links

Like Falcon Sports, Falcon Ultra IPTV is also a separate add-on that installs automatically. The first server has a collection of UK IPTV links and the second one is for US channels. The third server contains links to a variety of different international feeds.

Where to go to learn how to make builds

Falcon’s “Learning builds” folder contains a collection of YouTube videos that will show you how to do some basic things like make a menu bar, add background images and design a custom Kodi skin.

build tutorialsTutorials for aspiring Kodi build makers. Source: AddonHQ

How to activate and deactivate stream sources

Every time you use a video add-on to search for content, resolvers kick into gear. Resolvers are like virtual spiders that “live” inside of add-ons. When you an indie Kodi add-on to look for content, they crawl out to the web and search through various video locker websites.

To adjust your sources in Falcon, click the options button on the left. Then click add-on settings and select URLResolver settings.

falcon sourcesAdjusting video sources in Falcon. Source: AddonHQ

Note: If many of the links to movies and TV shows don’t work, your ISP could be to blame. Some ISPs place blocks on video locker sites. For example, if you live in the UK none of your Solar Movie resolvers will ever work without a VPN. You can use a VPN to avoid blocks that your ISP has placed on various sites around the web.



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