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1. How to change the default IP address of MyPBX server?
    Q1.1. The IP address of user’s PC and that of MyPBX are in different network segment.
    Q1.2. The IP address of user’s PC and that of MyPBX are in same network segment.
2. About Login
    Q2.1. What’s the default IP address of MyPBX?
    Q2.2. What’s the default user name and password of MyPBX?
    Q2.3. How can the extension user log in MyPBX and manage the relative settings of extension?
    Q2.4. What to do if the Web Configuration Interface of MyPBX shows “undefined”?
3. About Extensions
    Q3.1. How to change the default User Extensions range of MyPBX?
    Q3.2. How to change the extension number of FXS extension?
    Q3.3. How to add FXS extensions?
    Q3.4. How to register VoIP extensions on IP phone and soft phone?
    Q3.5. What to do if the registration still fails, even though the IP Phone is configured with the correct extension 
              number, password and IP address in the LAN?
    Q3.6. How to register remote VoIP extension?
    Q3.7. What are the features of Mobility Extension and how to configure it?
4. About Trunks
    Q4.1. How to add analog trunks?
    Q4.2. How to register a VoIP trunk?
    Q4.3. Why does the registration sometimes fail, sometimes succeed when the device registers one or several VoIP
              trunks to the same provider?
    Q4.4. How to connect and configure BRI trunk?
5. About Routes (Outbound /Inbound Routes)
    Q5.1. How to configure outbound routes?
    Q5.2. How to configure inbound routes?
6. About Calls (Outbound /Inbound Calls)
    Q6.1. Why can’t the extension make outbound calls (to landline or cell phones)?
    Q6.2. Why does the user hear the “toot toot” sound first when taking the phone off the hook before hearing the
              normal dialing tone?
    Q6.3. Why does the user always hear the prompt that”The number you dialed cannot be reached now, please leave
              the message after the tone” when calling a specific extension?
    Q6.4. Why does the callback function fail when press the “RD” button on the phone directly (the screen displays
    Q6.5. Why do the inbound calls of a certain trunk would be hung up during a specific time period?
    Q6.6. The extensions fail to make outbound calls or receive inbound calls. The admin logs in the Web Configuration
              Panel to check the problem, but the screen shows “502 Bad gateway”. After rebooting, everything goes OK,
              but the above problem repeats again a while later. What’s wrong?
    Q6.7. Why the phone screen displays “unknown” instead of Caller ID when the caller calls through the analog trunk?
    Q6.8. Why is the analog trunk always in busy status even when there is no call?
    Q6.9. Why can I make outbound calls but cannot receive inbound calls through my analog trunk?
    Q6.10. Why can I make outbound calls but cannot receive inbound calls through my SIP trunk?
    Q6.11. Why does the user always hear the ring back tone when call in through analog trunk but the internal
               extension has no response?
    Q6.12. What’s the application of MyPBX Callback feature and how to configure it?
    Q6.13. How to distinguish internal incoming calls from external via ringtone?
    Q6.14. How to make the incoming calls from different trunks have different ringtones?
    Q6.15. How to configure if the user would like some extensions to enter the password before  making outbound
7. Others
    Q7.1. Why don’t the new settings take effect after the change?
    Q7.2. How to change the system prompt?
    Q7.3. If the time of call logs is wrong, how to adjust it?
    Q7.4. Why is the time displayed of the server wrong even after the change of time zone?
    Q7.5. Why is the IP address in LAN/WAN settings different from that of System Info?
    Q7.6. Why does it fail when using MyPBX External Storage feature to auto back up the files?
    Q7.7. How to configure the VPN settings?
    Q7.8. If MyPBX is installed with GSM/UMTS modules, how can I insert the SIM cards in the device?
    Q7.9. Which modules are supported by MyPBX models respectively?
    Q7.10. The slot sequence of MyPBX models.

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