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MyPBX Standard and PRO upgrade


Upgrade instructions

 copy and paste the link below to the firmware upgrade http link field.

1.  Add PnP mode for Fanvil phone provisioning

1. In ¡°Add Callback Rules¡± page, special characters such as ¡°#¡±, ¡°*¡± are allowed to be entered in ¡°Prepend before dialing¡± blank.
2. In the Follow me settings, special characters such as ¡°#¡±, ¡°*¡± are allowed to be entered in ¡°Number¡± blank.

1. Fix the bug that even if the DID number has been set and the BRI trunk has been selected as the available trunk in the Inbound Route, the incoming call fail to go through via the DID route.
2. Fix the bug that there is no search results for old call logs of the previous version in the CDR page when the firmware has been updated from or lower versions to
3. Fix the bug that BLF fails to indicate the busy status of the PSTN, GSM, and UMTS trunks.
4. Fix the bug that after enabling ¡°Fax to Email¡± feature, usage of the first partition of the NAND flash(mtdblock0) may reach 100%.
5. Fix the bug that the configurations of DHCP server must be saved again after the firmware update, or the DHCP server won¡¯t work.
6. Fix the bug that the time could not be synchronized correctly in some time zone (e.g. GMT-8)
7. Fix the bug that the phone provisioning of Grandstream IP phone will fail via Internet Explorer Browser.
8. Fix the bug that in the Phone Provisioning settings, ¡°Aastra Program keys Configuration¡± could not be configured successfully.
9. Fix the bug that the blank would be replaced by ¡°0¡± in the content of ¡°SMS to Email¡±.
10. Fix the bug that if the ¡°key event¡± has been defined in the ¡°Queue¡± settings, any extension dial the ¡°key¡± configured will lead to ¡°key event¡±.

1. Add Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Arabic, British system prompts.
2. Add Auto Provisioning for Yealink new firmware version, Grandstream, Escene, Fanvil, Cisco, Polycom, Snom, Aastra IP phones.
3. Add Alert Settings in case of "IP Attack" and "Abnormal Web Login".
4. Each extension is able to be configured the Max Call Duration separately.
5. Add feature code "#" to enable the user to leave voicemail to a specific extension directly without getting through the phone. (By dialing "#+extension no.")
6. Add multiple administrators in hierarchical mode (Administrator, User-administrator, CDR administrator)
   Administrator: have all authority
   General Manager: have basic authority; without the advanced authority to create VoIP trunks, reset, update, backup and restore MyPBX.
   CDR Manager: only have the authority to check the call recordings.
7. Add a feature to enable remote registration or not.
8. Add a feature to enable anonymous registration or not.
9. Add Feature codes to enable or disable Office Timing
10. Add TFTP server configuration in "DHCP Server" page which could be customized.
11. Add "Pedantic" setting in "SIP Settings" page.
12. Add spy function.
13. Integrate the packet capture tools.

1. Optimize the encryption algorithm of web login
2. Optimize the Auto blacklist feature in "Firewall settings".
3. Optimize the length of the DDNS user name (up to 63 characters)
4. Delete the restriction that the "Call Queue" settings could only be saved with password.
5. Optimize the "Phone Provisioning" page.
6. The length of SMS text is added up to 70 characters
7. Add voice prompts settings for "Follow me" forwarding.
8. When the inbound call is forwarded by extension A to extension B, the Caller ID of the inbound call will be displayed on the screen of extension B as well.
9. Optimize the system log
10. Support voice prompts in higher voice quality (WAV format£ºgsm 6.10 8kHz,Mono,1Kb/s¡¢alaw/ulaw 8kHz,Mono,1Kb/s¡¢pcm 8kHz,Mono,16Kb/s)
11. Display the Office (Closed) Timing state on "business hours" page.
12. The number of pickup groups is added up to 20.

1. Fix the bug that if the strategy of Ring Group is configured as "Ring sequentially", the Ring Group member fails to dial feature code "*1" to record.
2. Fix the bug that if the "dial pattern" of outbound route is configured as ".", the outbound call will fail to get through via trunk.
3. Fix the bug that if the user name of VoIP trunk is alphabet and the DID is configured in Inbound Route settings, the inbound calls cannot get through.
4. Fix the bug that if the "Outbound Route" is selected as the destination of the "Inbound Route", the Caller ID fails to be defined.

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