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Okay Google: Ask To Secure My Home!


It's great to use your mobile app to control your home when you're out of the house. Back at home, though, voice control is a popular option that smart homeowners love. 

Now, you can keep your home more secure and comfortable by talking to Google Home, our newest voice-control integration. 

Our new Action for Google Home enables you to control your home with intuitive voice commands for your smart security system, lights, thermostatlocks and garage doors

Okay, user: here's what you can do. 

Arm your security system 

Kids in bed for the night? Finally sitting down for a movie? There's no need to get up again—or even reach for your phone—to arm your security system for the night. 

"Okay Google: ask to arm the security system." Google Home.jpg
Control access to your home

Our Action makes it easy to secure your home's perimeter, with voice control for smart locks and garage doors. 

Okay Google: ask to close the garage. 

Okay Google: ask to lock the front door. 

Check the status of devices 

Sometimes, you just need to know the status of things around your home. We've made it easy to ask: 

Okay Google: ask is the security system armed? 

Okay Google: ask what's the thermostat temperature? google home.gif
Change the temperature 

Knowing the temperature is good, but when you're too hot, you just want to cool down. So, we included the ability to voice-adjust your thermostat by value or comfort level. 

Adjust by value: Okay Google: ask to turn down thermostat by three degrees. 

Adjust by comfort level: Okay Google: ask to turn the temperature down. A comfort level command will adjust the thermostat by two degrees Fahrenheit. 

Of course, you can always specify a temperature: Okay Google: ask to set the temperature to 72. 

Control whole groups of devices 

For your home's smart lights, which you likely have in several locations, you can interact with them by calling out a single device, group, or general device type. For example: 

Okay Google: ask to switch on the living room lamp. 

Okay Google: ask to switch on the office lights. 

And, at bedtime: Okay Google: ask to turn off the lights. 

The same goes for your smart locks, with the ability to lock the house down with a single command: Okay Google: ask to lock the doors. 

Instructions for getting started 

Already got Google Home and and raring to go? Here's how to get started. 

First, enable the action by telling your Google Home: "Okay Google, talk to" 

Next, open the Google Home app. Enter your account login and password to sync your account. You'll have the option to create your PIN as part of the setup process. 

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